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Delayed New Years Resolutions
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Delayed New Years Resolutions

by admin on January 2, 2010

Whoops! I completely forgot to post my resolutions yesterday. I guess I was too excited about my Ergo’s sweet return to think about anything else!
Personally, I don’t really like the whole “resolutions” term. For my sake, let’s just call them goals. I want some things to happen this year, and I’ll have to work to get them accomplished. Simple as that. Sure, you could say I’m resolving to do things, but when people say that, usually no change ends up happening.
I also don’t like the fact that you are all of the sudden supposed to quit/start something as soon as New York’s ball drops. I think it’s a much better idea to slowly transition into new behaviors, that way they end up sticking. I’ve spent my life not doing things that way, and I think that’s the reason I have such a hard time following through when I say I’m going to do things. It has to be a heart change, not just something you say you will or won’t do. That’s why, this year, I’d prefer to distance myself from the whole concept, altogether, kind of as my New Year’s resolution. :p
As of right now, I’m only eating beans, brown rice, vegetable, and fruit. The bulk of it is organic.
Now, we wait.

We have to get Axel pooping regularly again. Poor little man, he’s been such a trooper. In 2-3 weeks I’ll introduce some raw nuts. (I found a great site online that I can buy “truly” raw almonds from!) We’re praying that his system will clear out quickly, and things will return back to normal.

Besides getting our little boy’s body functioning properly, our main objective is to spend less money this year, and SAVE.  We are officially getting really serious about knowing where we put our money.  We’ve even decided to make January a “no spend” month.  (This just means that we can only buy “true” necessities, such as food (within budget), bills, and gas for the van (within budget).)  No more messing around.  Saving $1000 is our first goal.  (This is also the first step in the Total Money Makeover, which I finished reading, by the way- great stuff!)


The next thing we want to accomplish is to eventually eat raw until dinner everyday. We want to get to the point where we eat fruit for breakfast every morning (check), and a big salad for lunch with a few nuts or sprouted seeds.  Ideally, we will have this goal met by Axel’s first birthday in May, but we’ll see how it goes.


One of my personal goals is to exercise and stretch more.  I’d like to do this naturally, by hiking, swimming, and doing other “fun” activities.  I miss the euphoric feeling you get when your energy is exerted.  But, I really don’t like “working out,” as it feels so forced, and unnatural.  I remember being a kid, when I would run like crazy just for the fun of it.  I had no clue that I was exercising, I was just having a good time.  I want to return to that feeling.  Just being alive should make me want to jump around, don’t you agree?


Another thing we really want to do is get some of our old debt taken care of.  Patrick has a lot of collections, and it would be nice to get some of it settled.  Stupid credit card debt can cause a lot of grief, if you let it.  It’s no wonder that one of the top reasons people divorce is because of finances.  Money can be stressful, especially when you don’t know how to use it properly!


Overall, I just want to live better this year than I did in the last.  I want to be kinder, and more understanding.  I want to truly focus my attention on God, and not just on what I “think” He wants for me.  I want to get to know my husband and son more, and I want them to know, with everything in them, that I love them.


This is going to be a good year, and an even better decade.  I can already feel it.




Please feel free to share your New Year’s goals.  I’d love to hear what other people are doing!  :)

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Eugenia Hiciano January 19, 2010 at 3:12 pm

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admin January 3, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Yikes! That’s one thing that would make me weary of traveling, although I’m sure I’d find a way to get over it if I had the opportunity to do so! My husband and I would love to see the world, and we hope to do so soon, with our precious son. I’m sure we’ll get the chance eventually, but these things can’t always be planned for. Enjoy Spain!

Rene´ January 3, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Hi sarah,

Right now I´m living in Avila, Spain. Unfortunately it´s very hard to find health stores like whole foods or stores that sell natural and organic products. The local markets mostly sell processed food. I used to only drink goats milk (easier for the body to digest) and since coming here Ive decided not to drink milk at all (here they store it on the shelves and there is no mention if its organic or antibiotic free, etc…

admin January 3, 2010 at 9:48 am

Shannon- The raw almond site I found is http://www.california-almonds.com

I’ve found a few different online businesses that seem to offer raw almonds, but the one mentioned above seemed the most legitimate. The organic almonds are expensive, though, around 13-14 dollars per pound. It may be worth it for us simply because we would only eat a few each day.

Rene- Ahh, I’m so jealous! I’d love to go to a raw food restaurant. The closest one to us is in Oklahoma, though. :(
Hopefully, we’ll get to visit California one of these days, I know there are a lot of raw restaurants there.

Those are great goals, too! Fortunately, I don’t have any student loans, which I’m thankful for.

Where are you living right now?

Rene´ January 3, 2010 at 8:07 am

I like your goals! Especially introducing raw food into your diet. I have read some amazing books on raw food and the benefits of it. I used to live near a raw food restaurant and their food was amazing! My favorites were their cheese cake and apple pie, I personally like them better than baked sweets. Theres also this amazing chocolate coconut smoothie. It uses carob (healthy, raw chocolate with coconut milk). My goals for the new years are to save money too, pay off my student loans, get a good job, and move back to the U.S

Shannon January 2, 2010 at 9:39 pm

Those are great *goals* :) I totally agree about resolutions! What is the raw almond site? We have the raw almond dilemma here too. Are you guys on raw milk yet? Awesomeness if you want to have dairy. I think C was reacting to the dairy in my diet, but no issues with raw milk. And raw milk yogurt is super cheap to make.

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