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Elimination Communication Potty Training Issues

by admin on March 21, 2010

Elimination communication potty training isn’t as hard as it sounds- most of the time.


Today it was hard, though.  Axel overslept last night, so his nap schedule was all out of whack this afternoon.  He has been cranky, agitated, and in an all around lousy mood.  The poor little guy has been falling apart.


I thought I’d take advantage of this day and let you all know that we most certainly do have elimination communication potty training issues.  It’s important that people understand that even full time ECers have their bad days.  Sometimes babies just don’t want to use the potty, and that’s okay.  The important thing is that we aren’t giving up, even after days like these.  (Axel’s gone through 7 pairs of underwear!)


I want this post to be encouraging for those who have an interest in elimination communication potty training, but who think that they are not cut out to do it perfectly.  Truth is, no one is.  It would be a lot different if we all lived outside in the nude, like we did in the beginning, but things are no longer that way.  That is the main reason I am not anti-diaper, because I understand that our world isn’t how it once was.  Many of the more natural practices have become not so natural, simply because we live in a completely different culture now.


It’s really important not to get stressed out on days when you have a lot of misses. Elimination communication potty training is not about perfection.  “Off” days should just give you a chance to learn more about your children, their needs, and how they communicate those needs to you.  Today was a perfect learning opportunity for Patrick and I, and although days like these can be slightly discouraging, we still trust that we are doing the right thing for our family.


I’ll give you a quick overview of how our day went today.


We woke up, and well rested Axel used the potty without a problem.  He also went two times after that easily and without fuss.  Then nap time came around, but because he had overslept last night, he wasn’t ready for it.  That’s when things started going downhill.


He became more cranky as time passed.  He started to flex and throw a fit every time we tried to potty him, but he would pee in his underwear a minute or two later.  We decided to give him a break and relaxed on the ec for awhile.  (There’s no point in trying to force your child to use the bathroom, especially if it’s just going to tick him/her off.)


He eventually fell asleep, but because he had been refusing the potty, he had a full bladder.  (We had a couple of misses before this, but Axel rarely completely empties his bladder in his underwear.  He doesn’t like feeling wet.)  Anyway, he ended up waking up after only an hour because he needed to use the bathroom (he wakes up to go potty, and he won’t go back to sleep if it’s during a nap).  Then the cycle began all over again.


I wouldn’t say today was a complete ec failure, as we did catch some of Axel’s pees, and his one poop.  The number of misses or catches we have isn’t really important, though.  This is not a game of score.  Each day is going to be different.  We’re very thankful that we’ve had a lot of success with this process, but we just want people to know that we still have difficulties.  Regardless, we love elimination communication potty training, and we’re happy we get to practice it with Axel.


If we can do it, you can do it too.

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Julie March 31, 2010 at 1:20 am

We’ve been doing this, but with diapers since about 4 months. The problem we have now is that she’s good at holding it, but sometimes forgets how to relax and let it go when it’s time. She then gets really frustrated and unhappy. When she was a baby and would do this, I’d gently blow in her face and she’d relax and go, but that doesn’t work anymore.

Also, she pooped in the potty for months every morning like clock work, UNTIL we started solids. But now it seems to be getting back on track a little more once again. Changing poopy diapers has made me appreciate all the ones I didn’t have to change from 4 months until about 8-9 months! She’s pees in the potty at least 6-8 times a day like a champ. We just have it on her changing table and put her on it every time.

We have no way of knowing how many diapers we’ve saved. We’re using Nature’s Baby Care (which we LOVE and have never leaked) which are biodegradable anyway, but counting the times we re-diaper with a dry one doesn’t measure the number saved by the method. She wets the diapers less often, so it’s impossible to know how many we’ve saved!

mandy March 24, 2010 at 8:48 am

Ec is brilliant for both parents and little ones but can be tough like you say. I am finding it tough with my little boy compared to my daughter. It went really well with our little lady but with my little boy it is so much harder. Boy’s are so different to girls and also I had more time to help my daughter. I am going to stick it out as he hates having a nappy put on even though they are fluffy reusable ones. Good luck with your ec’ing

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