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Increase Your Milk Supply
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Increase Your Milk Supply

by admin on July 25, 2012

Are you a nursing mother? Do you need to increase your milk supply? I’m going to give you five quick tips to getting that baby nourishment flowing!

1 – Nurse that baby all day and all night! Forget the clock, and nurse your little one whenever they want to. The more they demand, the more you will naturally supply.

2 – Try eating oatmeal. There is no definitive explanation as to why this works, but for me personally, it did the job. (The healthiest option is organic steel cut oats, pre-soaked)

3 – De-stress! Stress is detrimental to our bodies in many ways, one of which is breast milk production. Do something to relax, and grow your happiness! The liquid gold might just start growing, too!

4 – Drink enough water! I cannot stress this enough. The liquid coming out of our breasts is fluid, thus we need to make sure we are getting enough. If we are dehydrated, our breastfed babies will likely be dehydrated. Stay hydrated with water or herbal tea. Make sure it’s caffeine free!

5 – Get your sleep. Lack of sleep causes our body not to function properly, and makes us super stressed out. A fatigued mommy is bad for everyone, so nap when your baby naps if you can… and sleep at night. If your baby is still waking many times a night, consider co-sleeping. It’s so much easier to turn sideways to nurse your hungry baby than it is to go get them from a crib to feed. If you do decide to co-sleep (either for bonding purposes, or because of pure laziness :), make sure you do it safely. We never had our son in the middle of my husband and I. He always slept on my side of the bed because I have that heightened “mommy” sense, and wake a lot more easily than my husband.

Bottom line is, you can do it! Do not be discouraged, and keep at it. With some extra work and dedication, you have a good chance of being a successful nursing mom. But for those of you who have worked your BUTTS off, and still haven’t achieved the results that you and your baby need, don’t beat yourself up about it! You are a rockstar, and you have many great alternative options. Check out the milk banks, and talk to your mommy friends who have extra milk. You can also look up some great homemade formula recipes. Just do your best, and know that your baby adores you, whether you produce enough milk or not. :)

Happy baby feeding!

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